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Influencer, Model, Girl Boss at Slinkii, Youtuber, Beauty Guru, Fitness enthusiast, Fiance (soon to be wife) and all round great girl - is there nothing Pia Muehlenbeck can't do?!  We chat do the mega babe behind our Pia x Mellow Lip Kits about her inspiration behind the collaboration, how she keeps fit on the road and her go-to beauty looks. 

What was the inspiration behind the shades you selected?

These three shades are my absolute go-to shades. No matter what outfit I wear, what event I have or whether its daytime or night-time, with these three shades in my toolbox, I've always got the perfect lip. It’s honestly all I need! 

Tell us, which shade is best for…

Cocktails with girlfriends - Capri, if anyone can appreciate a deep burgundy lip, it’s your girlfriends! It will look super stylish and add a whole other dimension to your outfit.  

First date - Mykonos, it’s youthful, bright and happy looking, and what’s more attractive than a big bright smile?

Morning coffee run - Palm Springs, it will look polished, but not overdone. 

What’s the best piece of beauty advice you’ve ever received? 

If you go bold on the lips, go simple on the eyes. If you go bold on the eyes, go simple on the lip. It’s a foolproof rule to make sure you look chic no matter what look you try. 

What is your go-to beauty look and how do you amp it up for a big event? 

I typically lean towards warm, glowy shades. I tend to keep my eyes softly defined with neutral tones, which makes the look so easy to take from day-to-night. Something as simple as switching up my lip colour from a nude to a vibrant red really takes it to a sassy night-time look!

Do you like to match your lip colour to your accessories/outfit? 

I actually prefer to offset my outfit with the opposing colour. So if I’m wearing red, I’ll go for a nude lip, and if I’m wearing neutrals I’ll add a pop of colour with a red lip. 

Your wedding is coming up soon… CONGRATULATIONS! Do you think you will go bold makeup or keep it neutral for your big day?

It is!! Thanks so much! I think it’s best to keep it fairly neutral on my wedding day. It’s going to be a long day and I want to feel really fresh and natural all day. 

Although currently based on the Gold Coast, you do travel A LOT! What is one destination you’d love to return back to and is there somewhere you’d be happy not to visit again?

There are so many places I’d like to return to! I definitely need to head to Mexico again because I got sick when I was there last time so didn’t get to see everything I wanted to. I need to go swimming in a cenote! 

I haven’t been anywhere I wouldn’t return to; each place has its own unique treasures that I just love exploring. 

You live a very healthy lifestyle and fitness and wellbeing is important to you. How do you maintain this when you’re travelling so much?

I’ll be honest, it is super hard to always get that workout in and to find healthy meals when we’re travelling. I just make sure that no matter where I am I wake up and prioritise exercise first. I take my resistance bands with me in my suitcase so I can even do workouts in the hotel room, and I also think going for a run is such a perfect way to explore a new area

And lastly…what’s the best thing about working with your fiancé/future husband!

It is so much fun! Both Kane and I are really driven people and have completely opposing skills so working together actually works really well for us. It’s perfect because we travel so much but we get to do it together so it feels more like an adventure than work. We get to celebrate all our wins together and we’re in the same boat if something isn’t going so well. It’s just nice to be on this journey as a team.


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