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Let's face it we've been brow obsessed from the beginning of time, thanks to celebs like Brooke Shields and trends like, shudder, the 2000's pencil-thin brow. But now in the age of social media, creating the perfect Instagram worthy brow can seem like such a daunting task. I mean, where do you even begin? 

First things first, step away from tweezers! It can be very tempting to go crazy with them but, unless you have a practised hand, you run the risk of over-plucking and creating more trouble for yourself than it's worth, and really ladies, that's one job that can be left to the professionals. 

Now that we have that out of the way, it's important to take the time to prep your brows. You want to make sure your brows are clean and dry. 

Once they are, you will want to make sure you have a spoolie brush handy. Use this tool to brush your brows an upwards motion.This will allow you to see where your brows need to be filled. This tool is also useful to help you shape your brows as you go.

When choosing brow products you always want to make sure you choose a colour that matches your hair colour. All of the Mellow Cosmetics brow products come in a range of shades from, Auburn to Taupe, so you won't ever have any trouble finding the perfect shade for you. 

Before you jump in and go crazy filling your brows in you should take the time to what kind of look you're going for. Do you want a natural look or do you want your brows to be bold and make a statement? 

The Natural Brow 

To achieve the perfect natural brow, you can take either our Mellow Brow Definer or our Brow Pomade depending on your preference, to fill and outline your brows. Our Brow Definer uses a triangular tip that allows for an easy and precise application. While our Pomade has creamy formula that glides smoothly on to easily sculpt, shape and colour in your brows. Firstly you want to outline your brows as this helps you not only achieve the shape you're going for but will guide you as to where you want to fill in your brows. To fill your brows use feather-light strokes in the direction the hair naturally grows. Once you're happy with result take our Tinted Brow Gel and apply a light layer, to set and keep your brows in place. 

The Statement Brow

To create a bolder brow, you want to work with a product that is buildable and will create dimension. Again take our Brow Definer pencil to create an outline for your brows. To fill in your brows you want to choose a product like powder that will create texture. Our Brow Powder Duo is perfect for this and it will also the allow you to create the perfect shade for you with its duo palette. Use a brow brush to apply the powder, building upon it until you're happy with the colour and thickness of your brows. If you're after a bushier brow then you can use our Tinted Brow Gel on top and apply it in an upwards motion. 

Once you have the perfect brow for you pop a little bit of concealer above and below your eyebrow to hide any stray hairs and create a tidy finish. Also, it's important to remember you're never going to get those brows to look identical, as hard as you try, your eyebrows are sisters, not twins!

And just like that, your brows are Instagram ready! 

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