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Before there was this new world of contouring, there was blush. Women would use various methods to create a natural flush on their cheeks, including pinching your cheeks or adding a dash of lipstick mixed between the fingers – the first crème blush!

Unfortunately, some ladies were a little heavy-handed and ended up looking like clowns fitting of a scary movie. No wonder there was a movement away from blush to a golden bronze and contour?

But we shouldn’t let a few ruin it for everyone. Blush should definitely remain high on your priority in your make up routine.


We add blush to add colour, glow, flush and some freshness to the face. Generally, it’s in pink, peach or plum hues. Without it, your face can look a bit flat – you’ll notice that after you apply your foundation because it’s all the same colour, unlike your natural skin colouring. Blush puts the colour back into your face and brings it ‘back to life’.

Blush is meant for the very front of our cheeks – the ‘apples’. You’ll notice that when you get your make up applied by a professional, they ask you to smile when applying blush. This is because when we smile it creates a plumping effect on our face. So adding a pink or peach colour to this area gives this effect all day so you don’t have to walk around with a permanent smile on your face! Which isn’t actually a bad thing, and more people should probably do it but it would be extremely painful!

However, the apple is where the colour should stay. No racing car stripes, no all over cheek or up into the hairline application, please!


Like everything in makeup, not all colours are made equal for every skin tone and colouring.


Best for: Those with an olive complexion, throwing yellow or skin that looks a little dull. Pink will give the skin a nice fresh boost. Those with a natural pink skin tone should avoid it as adding more is only going to make it more pink and less natural.

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Best for: The safest and most universal shade as it will give colour to dull or olive skin as it’s natural looking but also balances out fair skin as it is a warmer tone to pink. It’s the perfect shade for summer, rather than pink which is usually already present on the skin due to the heat.

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Best for: Plum tones add a little bit more of a dramatic intense look especially on fair skin. You should aim for a shade that is a step or two darker than your lips. Great for the cooler months also as it gives some definition, which we tend to lose in Winter due to lack of sunshine!


Best for: This is the triple threat for olive skin tones. Not only does it add warmth, it brightens and can even create soft contours if applied correctly. Most importantly on olive skin, it looks natural due to the natural tan undertones in their skin.

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