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When it comes to makeup blunders, we’ve all been there, done that and bought the T-Shirt. And quite often ended up, in our frustration, scrubbing our entire faces clean and starting over. This not only a major waste of time, but precious product too!

But, worry no longer! We have the quick fixes that will help keep your beauty routine on point and your sanity in check. 



Mascara Fallout

Mascara fallout can be the bane of any makeup routine. Often a daily occurrence for most of us, one mascara smudge can quickly turn a perfect eye look into a disaster zone. 

Luckily the fix is just as easy as the dilemma! Simply take the end of cotton bud, dip into your foundation and sweep over the mascara blunder. This will remove and conceal mascara simultaneously.  Alternatively, you can wait for the mascara to dry while you finish the rest of your makeup and then take a clean cotton bud or spoolie and flick the dried mascara away.

Bonus tip: Look down when applying mascara to your top lashes. This will help you avoid the problem in the first place!


Wayward Eyeliner

Eyeliner can elevate any makeup look from mundane to glam in seconds. However, while good in theory, executing the perfect winged eyeliner hardly ever goes to plan!

To fix uneven or wobbly eyeliner lines, take a cotton bud with concealer on the tip and swipe it along the bottom and or the top of the eyeliner (depending on where the fixes are needed), in order to create a sharper and cleaner line, while concealing away any awkward mistakes.  


Smudged Lipstick

Staying within the lines can still be a major struggle for most of us when it comes to applying Lipstick. One wrong move and you've lipstick where lipstick should not be.

Much like an eraser, you can take a beauty blender/ concealer brush with a small amount of concealer loaded onto it, along the edges of your lips to erase and conceal your mistake.


Over the Top Blush

When it comes to blush, it can be very tempting to load up your brush with product, but quite often the end result ends up looking more clownish than high fashion.

To tone down the clown factor, take the same brush you applied your foundation with, preferably flat a stippling brush, and buff a light layer of foundation over the blush where needed. This will diffuse intensity of the blush, while not removing it completely. 


Cakey Foundation

Sometimes in life, you may experience the urge to apply over apply foundation. It happens to the best of us, whether it be to cover up a beauty mark/imperfection or an attempt to get the most even coverage possible, it can be like the foundation spirit overtakes your body and before you know it you're left with a cakey mess.

To remedy this, simply take a beauty sponge, run it under some water, and pat into your skin. This will help lift and even out your foundation.

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