Get Shady | Discover Your Brow Shade

Get Shady | Discover Your Brow Shade


The Brow Struggle can be real. We're talking: filling, shaping, feathering, setting and more! But, all of that is pointless if you don't know your brow shade. 


Brows come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours, and getting to know your brow shade can take a bit of trail and error. The wrong shade can change your entire face - choose a shade too dark, and you'll be staring at  Oscar the Grouch in the mirror, or choose a shade too light and you'll be left wondering why your brows have ghosted you.
That's why we've created our Mellow  Brow Chart, to help you determine which brow shade is best suited to you and your brows.  Once you've found your shade you will be able to shop our Mellow Brow Pomades, Brow Powder Duo's and Brow Definers with ease. 




As for our Tinted Brow Gel, the lighter brow shades like Taupe, Blonde and Caramel, pair best with our Light Brown Tinted Brow Gel.


Darker brow shades like Chocolate and Mocha are best paired our Dark Brown Tinted Brow Gel. As for Auburn shades you will be able to decide which Brow Gel shade is best for you by comparing it to lighter and darker brow shades.

If your brows are closer to a lighter shade like Caramel, go with the Light Brown Brow Gel, and if they're closer to a shade like Mocha, go with the Dark Brown Tinted Brow Gel. 


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